Jyväskylä Finland

lauantai ja sunnuntai 4.6.-5.6.2016

Uurainen Finland

​lauantai 16.7.2016

Mandala artworks from the previous workshops

Helsinki Finland

​lauantai ja sunnuntai 21.5.-22.5.2016



Joutseno Finland
​maanantai - perjantai 31.7.-4.8.2017

Mandala Wu-hsin Art  

Workshop Calendar

Limingan taidekoulu Finland
lauantai - sunnuntai 9.-10.12.2017

Del Mar California USA

​March 14 2016

Helsinki Finland sunnuntai 19.6.2016

Asta Sutton

"Creative acts express one's awareness-express who person is, in that given moment. No-mindedness behavior is a form of extremely conscious concentration in action. In no-mindedness the intention is merely the experience of activity. In the truest act of painting, an artist paints in a full no-mindedness state"